Casa de Ricardo

Anonymous asks:
Just wanted to thank you for the follow. I also want to add that it is your tumblr, which I have been following and entertained by (so often stealing content for my FB page) for at least the past couple of years, that inspired me to create my own. Just need you to know that what you do matters.

If I knew who you were, I would buy you a pony for your birthday  :)

Anonymous asks:
I tried visiting your home page this morning but my virus scanner blocked the connection. The only way I can view it is via your archive. Just thought you should know.

Thanks for the head’s up. I must have been hacked - Tumblr made me change my password, and my theme was gone.

Thus … see the new $50 theme.

$50 fer Chrisesakes

P.S. Suck it hacker whoever you are, you owe me $50

Anonymous asks:
RRRick, the world is not a safe place. My next door neighbor's girlfriend's cousin was just arrested for assaulting his former Catholic school teacher. The guy cornered this nun and repeatedly slashed at her with a plastic spork. Thank God the cops were called when they were. They said in another six or seven hours the attacker might have broken her skin or caused minor scratches.

Only the first ‘R’ is capitalized. For the record.

My ex wife went to a Catholic school, and I see what became of her. I have a hard time finding blame for your next door neighbor’s girlfriend’s cousin’s actions. I hope the police aren’t to hard-on him.

Anonymous asks:
HI are you single? I'd like to know so I can either continue daydreaming about you or not. Thank you

Thank you, but I am happily married. But even if I weren’t, I’m kind of a dick and I don’t like to share the remote control, and all the chocolate is mine, and I always leave the toilet seat up. So you’re not really missing anything.

Anonymous asks:
Hi, would you still be on tumblr when you're like 50? wouldn't it be weird if you were 50 and you all these teenage girls follow your blog because you post cool shit? Is that creepy?

Is it creepy to be like 50? Luckily you will never be like 50 because you will always be the same age as now. Good choice on remaining anonymous.

Anonymous asks:
It's over one week into 2014 and, so far, I have kept my New Year's Resolution not to write the word 'linguini'.

Ya kinda fucked that one up, eh? I’m just glad you’re okay - I’d miss these little chats.

Anonymous asks:
We all sat around the fire. Grandpappy told his tale of hard times that starts out with," We, the misses and I, survived on nothing but cigarette soup for a while..". But who hasn't?

You should write a book. You have me laughing/crying over here.