Casa de Ricardo



One of Devo’s first shows was a private party supporting Sun Ra, where they were billed as a covers band. They went on in theatre guises and infuriated most of the crowd who left before Sun Ra had a chance to play. In this show they allegedly played ‘Jocko Homo’ for over 30 minutes, during which an audience member took a stage microphone and insulted the band. The show finally ended when a promoter pulled the plug on the power, but a four track recording still managed to catch an argument and fist-fight between Gerald Casale and the promoter.

Mark Mothersbaugh: “We’d play ‘Jocko Homo’ for 30 minutes, and we wouldn’t stop until people were actually fighting with us, trying to make us stop playing the song. We’d just keep going, ‘Are we not men? We are Devo!’ for like 25 minutes, directed at people in an aggressive enough manner that even the most peace-lovin’ hippie wanted to throw fists. We were a negative-energy vortex back in the mid-’70s.”